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Ivy Motto Poll Results: “God” and “Truth” Triumphant

The people have spoken! It’s been roughly 24 hours after we posted our lovely little poll asking what the worst motto in the Ivy League was and the results are in: Cornell’s English-language douchebaggery is vindicated, topping the rest by a landslide with 113 votes (or 31.9 percent) indicating that an Ivy motto without Latin is like a Leaguer without a trust fund. Continue reading

Cornell Takes Top Honors in Motto Contest, Douchebaggery

A good motto is like a one-night stand. Immediate, satisfying, and best explained in the least amount of words possible (“Yeah?” “Yeah.”). We here at IvyGate love ‘em, as indicated by our own sitting on top of this page. But it’s hard to match up to Motto Magazine (“Purpose, passion and profit,” in case you’re wondering), which is an entire glossy dedicated to the craft that was originally started by two Wall Street Journal alums.

Just yesterday, this incredibly niche magazine released its first annual Top 10 Motto List, and higher education was the target. The best? Our good friends in Ithaca, of course, with the sage, hallucinatory words of “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” Continue reading

What Does A Liberal Look Like? According to Lucy Morrow Caldwell, A Harvard Student (UPDATE)

Lucy Morrow Caldwell. Just yesterday, this name elicited a firestorm across teh_interwebs when Slate ran a “report” showing that Rudy Giuliani’s 17-year-old daughter Caroline, Harvard ’11, was a de facto member of the “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” Facebook group. Continue reading

Heretics! Sinners! ‘Bears’! Oh My: Homo-haters Show Face at Cornell, Then Leave

In a previous post, we told you that a well-known group of, uh, “religious” people came all the way from Topeka, Kansas to stir the ‘ol pot o’ hatred in front of — but not actually within — Cornell. Well the good old reporters at The Ithaca Journal have come through again with the first posted pictures of the congregation in action in Ho Plaza yesterday, so I felt I should pass it along to all you concerned folks on the ‘Gate. Continue reading

Sex on Campus: Ivies Prudes, Liberal Arts Slaves 4 U

Sex in the champagne room? Not for elite college students, according to a recent study. Apparently, libido’s a lot lower in the upper ranks. Intelligence and sexual drive just simply don’t mix.

Yeah, yeah, knew that, thanks IvyGate. But what if I told you that…

ZERO percent of Wellesley Studio Art majors are virgins?

That’s right. Not. A. Single. One. Continue reading

Harvard Tastes Some of Its Own Financial ‘Veritas’

While Rupert Murdoch’s fugly mug steals the front page of every major newspaper this morning, it’s Harvard’s endowment that’s featured front-and-center in today’s Money & Investing section of the Wall Street Journal — and according to the paper, the endowment fund graduates as many sought-after money managers as the university graduates future journalists. Continue reading

This Just In: God Hates Gays, Cornell, Aleksey Vayner

From the elevation-challenged lands of Topeka, Kansas comes this morning’s jolt of intolerance, thanks to the Westboro Baptist Church (homepage: godhatesfags.com). Seems the anti-everything bretheren are up in arms over the “perverts,” “fags” and “dykes” emerging from far-flung Cornell, and they’ve decided to head toward Ithaca to forgive transgressions, er, I mean spread the joyous Word in honor (persecution?) of Cornell’s LGBT Resource Center and general allowance of gay pride. Continue reading